"Our Mission: To bring job-seeking military veterans together with hiring companies to fill open positions worldwide."

We are not merely a job board or a recruiting service: we are dedicated to providing both proactive assistance for veterans and their families with their transition back into the civilian workplace, and assistance for companies with open positions in fulfilling their recruitment needs.

Information for Ex Military Professionals

Information for Ex Military Professionals

* Information for Ex Military Professionals. With Military-Civilian, you have access to a direct link with companies that are hiring. Find a match for your skill sets and desired location anywhere in the world!

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*Join Military-Civilian Resume Data Base. Please do not attach any Qualifications/Certificates/SS# or DD214 Papers until requested by a company recruiter. All resumes will be approved before publishing in the Military-Civilian resume data base. Posting a resume in the Military-Civilian data base does not guarantee employment.

* When you get employed, reach back and help a fellow Service men and women over the wall. What goes around, comes around. Help when and where you can. You, a family member or friend could be next to need a job. Let them know about the Military-Civilian Career ENewletters! To make your search more selective you can sign up for General Interest, Healthcare Careers and or Job Fairs, we hope you find this a useful tool. Plus you can go to Bookmark and Share at the bottom each job posting and send these career opportunities out to your social media sites to help others This is the best data base for Information for Ex Military Professionals!

*Check out our 2016 Job Fair Category, all Military Friendly Job/Career Fairs are posted here plus you can find Tips for Attending A Job Fair such as Dress for Success, Practice a Pitch, Bring Supplies, Check Out Companies and much more!!

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Information for Ex Military Professionals

Military Civilian Community


Military Civilian Community

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* About Us
Helping veterans find meaningful, gainful employment after their service to our country is our driving passion, because we believe they deserve more than merely our thanks for their sacrifices.

* Our Military Civilian Community
works to connect military veterans and their families seeking civilian jobs with companies who have open career opportunities. If you or anyone in your network is looking for work either stateside or overseas, I encourage you to check out the job posts in the Career Board of my site
http://www.military-civilian.com/pages/career-board/. All career postings are free to view, with no login required, and you can submit your resume directly there. You can also sign up for our “Military-Civilian Career ENewsletter ” or RSS feeds to get all our job posts straight to your inbox – this you need to do from Military-Civilian Blog page, or join our Hot Jobs for Veterans and their Families group on LinkedIn at http://bit.ly/Military-Civilian. Thanks for the opportunity to share this–the more we spread the word, the more veterans we can help find jobs!

* Website – About Military Civilian
Companies post descriptions of their open jobs on our Career Board. It is free to view job postings, and candidates may submit their resumes directly to the hiring representative of the company.

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Join our mailing list to receive our “Military-Civilian Career ENewsletter”  Make your job search easier and receive postings straight to your inbox, along with news about upcoming hiring events! click here to sign up and start receiving job information, you can use the Quick Social Shares and share this ENewsletter to all you social shares such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.. To make your search more selective you can sign up for General Interest, Healthcare Careers and or Job Fairs.

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Employers Seeking Military Veterans

Employers Seeking Military Veterans

* Partnering with Military-Civilian connects you to an established and robust pipeline of active ex military job hunters.
* Candidates with military experience are one of the fastest-growing sectors in today’s workforce. Today’s military personnel are exceptionally well-trained, highly-disciplined, accustomed to working in teams, goal-orientated, and have the potential to promote and become the backbone of any organization.
* Promote your company’s career opportunities our career directory – http://www.military-civilian.com.
We can hyper link to your company’s employment page, so that inquiring ex military professionals can view all your current career opportunities instantly. Candidates will reply directly to your company. No more time-consuming searches on resume data bases making it easy and fast for Employers Seeking Ex Military to Find a Professional who fits their company needs best. For more information on employers seeking Ex Military.
* Your company’s career opportunities will be emailed to members of our network via our “Military-Civilian career ENewsletter”, which we currently send to over 1,500 individuals and includes contacts in CONUS (within the U.S.) and OCONUS (outside the U.S) military communities. Jobs are also sent to the transition centers of military bases, posted on the websites of various veteran-centered hiring groups, and shared across our social network circles Blog page, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+.

*Employers Seeking Military Veterans will find an extensive, easy to use database of High Quality Candidates whose skill sets are exactly what they are looking for. We make it simple for companies to post their jobs and for the ex military professionals to find the listing and contact your company with all necessary information needed.

* We also partner up with other websites such as TechEXPO USA, and many more for extra internet exposure.

* Military-Civilian is a small boutique website that is dedicated to getting results, please check out our Military-Civilian testimonials. Your company can post careers, job fairs, franchises and educational opportunities or any information you would like to get out to the military community, we are not a headhunter or a recruiter more a connector of people.

* Join our unique program today and benefit from access to quality, qualified job-seeking military professionals.
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Employers Seeking Military Veterans