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Lucy Jensen

Lucy Jensen

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Topanga, CA, 90290

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Military Civilian is a woman-owned business, and our mission is twofold:

  • We are dedicated to providing proactive assistance for veterans and their families with their transition back into the civilian workplace.
  • We offer a personalized service to make sure companies can reach out to this audience of exiting Military Professional, their Spouses and Dependents, DoD Employees and Contractors, Retirees, National Guard Active/Inactive and Veterans that have left the military and are already in the civilian workforce looking to advance their careers.

Website- About Military Civilian
Companies post descriptions of their open jobs on our Career Board. It is free to view job postings, and candidates may submit their resumes directly to the hiring representative of the company.

Newsletter- About Military Civilian
We email our “Military-Civilian Career ENewsletter”to individuals who have subscribed to our mailing list. The newsletter contains excepted descriptions of all current postings in our directory, as well as information about upcoming hiring events and other useful links.

Transition Centers
Job descriptions are sent out to transition centers of military bases and posted on the career boards for all to view.
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We work to connect military veterans and their families seeking civilian jobs with companies who have open career opportunities. If you or anyone in your network is looking for work either stateside or overseas, I encourage you to check out the job posts in the Careers Board of my site . All career postings are free to view, with no login required, and you can submit your resume directly there. You can also sign up for our Hot Jobs newsletter or RSS feeds to get all our job posts straight to your inbox, or join our Hot Jobs for Veterans and their Families group on LinkedIn. Thanks for the opportunity to share this–the more we spread the word, the more veterans we can help find jobs!

Wen you get employed, reach back and help a fellow Service men and women over the wall.
What goes around, comes around. Help when and where you can.
You, a family member or friend could be next to need a job.