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Employers Seeking Military Veterans
Partnering with Military-Civilian connects you to an established and robust pipeline of active ex military job hunters.

Candidates with military experience are one of the fastest-growing sectors in today’s workforce. Today’s military personnel are exceptionally well-trained, highly-disciplined, accustomed to working in teams, goal-orientated, and have the potential to promote and become the backbone of any organization.

 Your company’s career opportunities will be emailed to members of our network via our “Military-Civilian career ENewsletter”, which we currently send to over 1,500 individuals and includes contacts in CONUS (within the U.S.) and OCONUS (outside the U.S) military communities. Jobs are also sent to the transition centers of military bases, posted on the websites of various veteran-centered hiring groups, and shared across our social network circles Blog page, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+.

Military-Civilian resume data base
We have requested that candidates do not attach any Qualifications/certificates/SS# or DD214 Papers until requested by a company recruiter.
All resumes in the Military-Civilian resume data base are current and will be updated every 90 days by the candidate or will be removed. We do not want any out of date/old resumes in this data base.

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